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About Thaddeus Miles

​ARTIST – COMMUNITY BUILDER Thaddeus Miles is an artist of community, who sees beauty through his camera’s lens and in the rich mosaic of our diverse communities. As Director of Public Safety for MassHousing, Thaddeus is the architect of an expansive range of programs that build safe, vibrant, and engaged communities across Massachusetts. He is a Veteran of the Air Force and believes deeply in the promise of democracy as one that lifts and unites all people. Thaddeus’ great passion for young people has motivated innovative mentoring and enrichment programs that promote peace, creative self-expression, and accountable leadership. He is also the founder of HoodFit, a movement which amplifies the positive attributes of community to promote wellness of body and mind, resilience, and strategic problem solving.

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Until someone just started following this blog page I forgot his site was part of my account. If you’re looking for my latest 365 photo essay blog, here’s the link: If you looking for my 365 from a few years ago … Continue reading

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